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Located in the North of the Antilles, between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, St. Barts is a small island of 25 km2 combining French and Caribbean traditions. There are around 20 beaches in St. Barts and the weather is always pleasant. Rains are rare and you can swim in turquoise waters all year long.

The Capital Gustavia is perfect if you want to have a drink in one of its many bars or restaurants. Also, shopping lovers will enjoy the most beautiful and prestigious brands.

A little history

Christopher Columbus discovered the island in 1493 during his second trip through what he thought was India. He gave the island the name of his brother. “San Bartolomeo.” While the Spanish claimed it was their property, the island was however not “colonized” because it was too small to set up intensive agricultural crop.

This lack of interest allowed the French to settle in the island and to begin the colonization in 1648. Turning at times to the hands of the Order of Malta, French and Swedish, the island became truly French after Sweden retrocede it in 1878.
The 15 of July 2007, the status of Saint-Barthélemy was modified. While the island was previously a sub-prefecture and the 23rd municipality of the department overseas of Guadeloupe (DOM) – the island part of the district of the northern islands (with St. Maarten) – she became a French overseas collectivity.

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