About us

IDEAL Villa Rentals is a seasonal rental agency located in the wonderful Caribbean island of St Barts.

With several years of experience in the tourism and real estate industry in the South of France, we are committed to demonstrate our passion into helping you plan the perfect vacation.

Our agency meticulously selects the villas and apartments we offer on our website. Each is chosen for their high standards and their exceptional location on the island.

Make Your Trip an Unforgettable Experience!

We also offer a wide range of complimentary services that will exceed your expectations.
Additionally, your questions are answered within 24 hours so you can find the perfect house for your stay quickly and easily.

Our values

E t h i c s   a n d   t r a n s p a r e n c y

We plan to work
with guests long-term
and offer a trusting relationship.


P r o f e s s i o n n a l i s m

As perfectionists, we are committed
to satisfy of all our customers
to ensure a perfect and unforgettable experience.


K n o w-h o w   a n d   c a r e

With several years of experience,
our trained and supervised team
will be at your disposal to find the perfect villa
for your trip and accompany you during your full time
on the island, should you need anything.

About us
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